Chocolate as a Functional Treat

funkcionalna čokolada

Chocolate as a Functional Treat

The rapid pace of life of modern society has led to the popularity of “fast food” which has become an integral part of the urban culture with a growing tendency to conquer all pores of society. However, in recent years, an awareness is globally increasing about the link between food and health. Changes in lifestyle, along with the development of food technology have also contributed to changes in nutrition, and thus to changes in quality of life.

In order to increase awareness of the necessity for better quality of food, the concept of functional nutrition was created. Functional is food that has a beneficial effect on human health, in addition to the usual nutritional functions. Biologically active compounds are carriers of the beneficial effect of functional food and have a positive effect on certain functions in the body.

Following the contemporary trends and nurturing high quality, Eugen Chocolate, along with the Faculty of Technology from Novi Sad, with the support of the Fund for Innovation, from the pre-accession funds of the European Union, began production of the first functional chocolate in Serbia. After many years of experience in the production of chocolate, which is of the highest quality in the region, we decided on a multidisciplinary approach to making new chocolate. In our kitchen, functional chocolate is made by adding natural components, such as the healthiest molecules of blueberries, blackberries and green tea. With a high percentage of cocoa and a very low level of sugar, chocolate becomes a healthy treat, because these additives are antioxidants and have a positive effect on our body and nervous system.

There are numerous health benefits hidden in chocolate bars, and now we have given you more reasons to make chocolate a part of your everyday life.