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Chocolate Selection Gift Box

SKU: GP0080
1.188,00 рсд

White, milk and dark chocolate with unusual flavors and aromas.
Three packages of Chocolate Selection packed in a gift box with goldprint and satin bow.
The box is made of fine cardboard.
Each package of Chocolate Selection contains one taste of chocolate:

White chocolate 32% Cocoa – RASPBERRY
Milk chocolate 35% Cocoa – HAZELNUT
Dark chocolate 61% Cocoa – PLUM & CINNAMON

Vintage Souvenir from Serbia 120g

SKU: GP0253
552,00 рсд

Vintage packaging with motifs of cultural and historical landmarks of Novi Sad and Belgrade.
The package contains twelve individual chocolate bars of different flavors.

Flavors available in packs:
White chocolate with 32% cocoa parts – Raspberry
Milk chocolate with 35% cocoa solids – Hazelnut
Dark chocolate with 61% cocoa parts – Plum & cinnamon

Shelf life 12 months.

Vintage Postcard from old Serbia

372,00 рсд

The souvenir packaging features motifs that embody the spirit and authenticity of traditional Serbia.
The box is crafted from high-quality cardboard and covered with a full-color, matte plasticized print.

Inside, you’ll find nine individual dark chocolate bars infused with plum and cinnamon flavor.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Chocolate Selection

SKU: GP0044
372,00 рсд

The box is made of fine cardboard, and is wrapped with a cover printed in full color with matte plastic coating and gold print.

Vintage Postcards from Serbia Gift Box

SKU: GP0021
1.188,00 рсд

The “Vintage Postcards from Serbia Gift Box” contains three packages of chocolates dedicated to old Serbia life.
Old postcards from Serbia will revive the spirit of old Serbia, and literary descriptions of famous writers Ivo Andrić, Mika Antić and Bora Stanković will awaken the memory of former cult places and the old spirit of Serbia.

Chocolate flavors:
BELGRADE: White chocolate 32% Cocoa – Raspberry
NOVI SAD: Milk chocolate 35% Cocoa – Hazelnut
OLD SERBIA: Dark chocolate 61% Cocoa – Plum & Cinnamon

Shelf life of chocolate: 12 months.