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Chocolate Cubes

520,00 rsd
Trapezoidal golden box with a wrapper. The box contains chocolate trufflines with chopped hazelnuts and hazelnut paste topped with milk chocolate or chocolate trufflines with cocoa nibs topped with white chocolate.

Chocolate Fantasy

696,00 rsd

The package contains three types of chocolate and different flavors:

Milk chocolate 35% Cocoa - Hazelnut & Rum
White chocolate 32% Cocoa - Raspberry
Dark chocolate 61% Cocoa - Pepper & Orange

The box contains 16 chocolates of 10g net weight.

Chocolate Selection

336,00 rsd

The box is made of fine cardboard, and is wrapped with a cover printed in full color with matte plastic coating and gold print.

Chocolate Selection Gift Box

1.080,00 rsd

White, milk and dark chocolate with unusual flavors and aromas.
Three packages of Chocolate Selection packed in a gift box with goldprint and satin bow.
The box is made of fine cardboard.
Each package of Chocolate Selection contains one taste of chocolate:

White chocolate 32% Cocoa - COCONUT & HAZELNUT
Milk chocolate 35% Cocoa - HAZELNUT & RUM
Dark chocolate 61% Cocoa - PEPPER & ORANGE

Chocolate Waltz

1.128,00 rsd

Beautiful gift package with 4 different flavors:

Dark chocolate 61% Cocoa - Lemon & Ginger
Milk chocolate 35% Cocoa - Hazelnut & Speculas
Caramel chocolate 32% Cocoa - Cocoa Nibs
White chocolate 32% Cocoa - Raspberry

The box has a lovely floral glossy pattern, while the chocolate wrappers are gold with color variations in the lower part and with a taste printed in goldprint technique on each wrapper.