Logo on the card

Logo printed on the card in full color.

Satin bow

Satin bow in selected color: white, gold, red, blue, green, silver.

Customized chocolate wrappers

Printed in full color. Logo printed by hot-stamping technique on tinted covers in the following colors: black, white, blue, green, red, gold or silver.

Mini choco packet

Cellophane bag with five chocolates wrapped in golden aluminum foil and wrapper.
Chocolate wrappers can be customized and printed in full color, or by by hot-stamping technique on tinted paper.
A customized cardboard card with logo and a message is tied to the package by satin bow, available in different colours.

50 g (5 x 10 g)

40 mm x 40 mm x cca 80-100 mm

12 months

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