Logotip se gravira na metaliziranoj pločici na poklopcu kutije. Pločica dostupna u zlatnoj i srebrnoj boji.
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Logotip na pojedinačnim pakovanjima

Logotip na pojedinačnim pakovanjima se gravira na metaliziranoj pločici. Pločica dostupna u zlatnoj i srebrnoj boji.
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Wonder Women - Mini Tube Gift Box

Pyramidal box made of black cardboard.
The box contains two oval packages covered with the image of famous women of world history. The logo is engraved on a metal plate on the lid of the box, as well as on the back of individual oval packages. Covers of individual chocolates are also printed with the image of famous women.

300 g (15 x 10 g)

150 x 207 x 120 mm

12 months

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