Thanks to the quality and luxurious packs, Eugen chocolate has become a popular corporate gift of the numerous international and domestic companies to their business partners, but also a charming detail of many special events and promotional activities.
  Since 2007, when our chocolate manufacture has begun, the Eugen Chocolate has evolved into a recognizable brand. Common characteristics of chocolate creations that originate in Eugene chocolate manufacture are well balanced, with unusual and original combinations of high-quality chocolate, spices, fruits and flavours.
 Special attraction is the possibility of branding and packaging customization to comply with the corporate visual identity of the Client. Thus conceived and designed chocolate products provide the unique opportunity to "sweeten" every significant event, and to find the right collection of chocolates for any occasion, chocolate collection which will provide you possibility to show, in an elegant way, your attention to your respective business partners, to stimulate your customers, or to motivate and rejoice your employees.
 By courtesy and total commitment to customers, but also by understanding of their specific demands and needs, as well as the professional approach to each segment of business, Eugen Chocolate has been reworded with the trust and continuous long term cooperation with most of the major companies that operate in Serbia.


In the following pages you may become familiar with all collections of Eugen chocolates, but also try out all different combinations of colours of certain packaging elements which are available.
Discover the sensational charms of handcrafted chocolate...