Production of Eugen chocolate starts off with a careful selection of the highest quality raw materials. The next step is the incoming control of raw materials and marking each ingredient which enters into the final product. From the technical and technological aspect of view, the production of chocolate has been set by the team of highly qualified experts with rich working experience. Eugen chocolates are distinguished by a high percentage of cocoa solids, as well as by the fact that they only consist of cocoa butter as one of the most important ingredient which determines the quality of chocolate. As emulsifier in chocolate, sunflower lecithin is used instead of the soy one, as it is well known that soy is allergen. The manufacturing is performed in accordance with the principles of HACCP and ISO standards, which results in production of high-quality, safe healthy products. The accredited laboratory of the Nutritional Institute in Novi Sad is responsible for the end control of the final products. By dedication and commitment in the quest for the new tastes, over the years, the Eugen Chocolate has developed a wide range of chocolate products which are ideal for every occasion: from chocolate products in bulk which are ideal for daily dose of the sweet satisfaction, through a box of chocolates in an attractive and stylish packaging and luxurious packs made from wood which represent a gift which will bring a smile to anyone, up to chocolate souvenirs with old postcards of Serbia with literary output descriptions of cities and sights written by renowned writers like Mika Antić, Ivo Andrić or Bora Stanković.