Way back in 1697, on the eve of the Battle of Senta, the brave border Guards welcomed the famous European military leader Eugene of Savoy with warm chocolate. While sipping this wondrous drink, Eugene of Savoy prepared his last details of combat strategy against the powerful Turkish army. This extract from his Adjutant' diary represents the first written document on Chocolate in our region. Three centuries later, the Eugen Chocolate represents a collection of sophisticated and challenging chocolate creations which will satisfy the most diverse tastes and expectations of chocolate. Eugen Chocolate, a company for manufacture of fine chocolate, was founded in the year 2007. in Novi Sad, with the aim to bring brand new products to a market, to satisfy demanding needs of contemporary market. Our production, based on scientific knowledge and experience, with respect for traditional skills, has resulted in high quality and safe products, with recognizable design and unforgettable tastes. Common characteristics of chocolate creations that originate in Eugene chocolate manufacture are well balanced, with unusual and original combinations of high-quality chocolate, spices, fruits and flavours.