A special section of manufacture is the production of the attractive packaging from the finest materials. Packaging of all Eugen chocolate collections has been enriched with specific details which give it a distinctive visual effect and a strikingly impressive design. The creative team works continiously on development of new products design, to bring pleasure for all senses to the chocolate lovers. Thanks to the quality and luxurious packaging, the Eugen chocolates have become a popular corporate gift of numerous international and domestic companies to their business partners, but also a charming detail for many special events and promotional activities, as well as an irresistible present to our dear people. The team of designers works daily on creation of new and different kinds and forms of packs for them to be, with their quality and originality, an adequate "suit" for the unusual chocolate flavours which are born in our manufacture. Packaging material is produced in our printing department, where we are vigorously helped by several machines: a goldprint machine, a laser engraving machine, a digital print machine, a cutter, while packaging for our most luxurious collections, Royal and the Exclusive Collection, is produced manually, in our workshop.