Eugen of Savoy was born in Paris on 18th of October 1663. He studied mathematics and natural sciences, but he dreamed to become a soldier. His attempt to be admitted to the French army was unsuccessful. With delicate physique, ugly, hunched and of short stature, he did not fit in with notions of the ideal beauty of the French King Louis XIV, therefore for the Eugen Junior, there was no place in the French army. So, the little prince, offended and humiliated, abandoned his homeland, France, and recommended himself to the Austrian Emperor Leopold. And there followed a lightning military career. At the age of thirty, Eugene of Savoy became a Field Marshal and in his forties, the president of the Imperial War Council and the one of the wealthiest men in the monarchy. Thanks to his intelligence, abilities and skills, he had become a great military leader, a statesman and politician, who had made a major impact on conducting business activities in Austria in the first half of the 18th century. He was a participant and he commanded the army in the Austrian-Turkish war (1683 - 1699), Rhineland-war (1688 - 1697), during the War of Spanish Succession (1701 - 1714) and the Austrian-Turkish war (1716-1718).